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Mandatory? Lady, you make it sound like a mission. Relax!

The simper is spread further across his mien, those golden pyres flickering with a burning determination. Whatever this new world may be, it held some prowess pertaining to manipulating the energy that it contained. At least, from what the Alchemist had seen so far. A woman encased in glistening crystal? A gateway constructed from that of time itself? What more proof did he require? If such feats were the beginnings of this aberrant land, he began to wonder what the most impressive powers were. Truly there was a high enough chance of finding a way to get what was once taken—to undo sins so selfishly preformed without thoughts. For him and another whom was victim to his arrogance. And anything would be done to travel upon the path to redemption… no matter the thorns that blocked his way.

—Besides… she doesn’t seem so bad

.I’ve dealt with cold people before—nothing new


A belittling chuckle tears through the barricade of bridgework, amber oculi reflecting the ambitions that drove the young Alchemist forward. Brilliant fire they were, as the many lights shone unto those brilliant aspects as the two trotted down the foreign city brimming with life. Toddlers ran by, shouting in blithe tones as they chased one another. Shops, at least what he discerned to be, were scattered about the alleyways—citizens riddled throughout the luminous streets that rebounded with a cheery resonance. Never before has such a sight been seen by the male and certainly not one with so many lights. Electricity was often forgotten in his land, for the simple fact that Alchemy was all they ever needed. Perhaps that was not the case here.

—Sure is colorful, I’ll give it that. Dunno’ if I’m too big on all these lights though…

 ”—Yeah, alright. Kinda’ figured that." A nonchalant reply is bestowed to her, already believing that they would be admitting themselves into a hotel. It’s an ordinary occurrence for him and he is somewhat tired of constantly checking himself into a fancy establishment that caters to the rich—but in this world, there seemed to be no choice. Lest he wish to walk about the streets that were unknown to him. The woman in front of him who walked with a commanding ambiance about her was his best bet. No matter how blunt she was or how stern. Come to think of it, the difference in persona was welcoming. Often did he tend to relate with those that held an indifference about them. More-so than those who had not suffered as much or more than he did. It wasn’t anything personal—it was simply do to affiliated oddities.


But a familiar voice dispels the haze teeming with contemplation, orbs flickered to the one that graced him with a query—crystal pools fixated unto his visage. “…You don’t know what Alchemy is?" Puzzlement dawns across the man’s facade, flaxen tufts perched skyward as he began to realize what this ‘Lightning’ had just confirmed for him. None of what he had seen was related to Transmutation—at all. And that is somewhat disappointing. Highly, if he was to be truthful, but hope tends to bend the accuracy in which humans are forced to accept. Never the less, his disappointment is cast aside for the moment, lips pursed for a spell before he answers. "It’s a complex energy manipulation. With Alchemy, you can change the mass of an object and form a plethora of things with it. But, there’s a price—you can’t create something from nothing. In order to create something, the object you’re transmuting must be given something of equal value.

—More or less, it’s the Law of Equivalent Exchange.

               Alchemy? She’s never… heard of it doing such things, or at least not that she remembers. It’s for healing, medicine, and even then it hasn’t been used in years. It wasn’t in use even before this time, having stopping being mandatory long before she and Serah were even born.

               'But he… seems rather insistent about it.'

               She doesn’t doubt him, perhaps in his world that was alchemy—but here, it’s… far-fetched, at best. Though from the way he speaks, about prices and exchanges chances are good that’s how his world works and as such… magic must be a foreign concept, either false or non-existent as a whole. And if that’s the case… He’s going to be getting quite a shock soon enough.

               “—I see. Seems useful." The warrior murmurs, halting her steps for a moment to listen on a conversation nearby, whispers and rumors of an awakened warrior already spreading and her lips purse into a thin line, wondering who knew she was awakened already. She’s half tempted to ask them, but if they already have this amount of knowledge spreading through the streets it wouldn’t take long for a name or a face to surface as well, and she doesn’t need a fight in the middle of the city. Or really, far less a fight and ranging more so on the side of merely being shunned out of town.

              With a shake of her head she begins walking again, lithe fingers reaching over her shoulders and curling around the fabric of a hood attached to her attire and casually pulling it up over her head. “I wouldn’t let anyone here see you using it, though."

              ‘Especially not when you’re travelling with me.'

             She carefully maneuvers through the crowded streets, gaze focused upon the bright lights of the street signs, in a language the boy behind her cannot read and thus he must rely solely upon her as a guide if he does not wish to lose his way. It will be a hassle, with an extra person, but as long as he doesn’t interfere with her ultimate purpose and can handle his own in a fight… It shouldn’t be a problem. At least she hopes not.

            Last thing she needs is another person dying because of her lack of vigilance.

            “There." The liberator murmurs, more to herself than the male following her person and changes course slightly to head for a large wooden building, alight with white and blue bulbs of color and a neon ‘open’ sign above the door. A single glance back, catching the blond in her peripherals to ensure he has in fact, continued to follow her, and she walks through the open door of the hotel, feet carrying her to the front desk. There’s back and forth banter, a sigh of defeat from the young woman and she’s given keys to a room with a single bed, which while it isn’t necessarily a problem for her, chances are good that that’s hardly acceptable in whatever world he comes from.

           Hell, it’s not acceptable here—she’s more or less a special kind of nonchalance.

          ”It’s a single, only thing they had left. I’ll take the couch." She declares quietly, tossing Edward his own room key and not waiting for an answer before making her way down a hallway on her right, leading to a staircase that she begins to climb.

          Fourth floor, highest floor and rather expensive too but that’s alright; It will give her a better view of town anyway.

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Flattery?! Tch—who says I’m trying to get somewhere? In your good books?" A chuckle is drawn into the air, the beam briefly transferring to a grin before speech is continued. "Ah, just some research notes. Getting them all-together to see what I’ve got so far.

         ❝I’d hope not—you’re already in my good books, after all.❞ a chuckle, ❝Or at least you’ve got your name on a page. Somewhere.❞ She gives the notes on the table a sideglance, not really thinking much of them—it’s Ed’s business, his logic and science and knowledge and she likely wouldn’t fully understand it anyway, ❝Can’t say I’d understand them if you showed me. But… making progress, I hope?❞



Amber brilliance were flickered skyward to meet that of crystal sights, a step taken towards the one who adorned a coral crown. “Hey, if I didn’t think you were special, I wouldn’t be traveling with ya.

         ❝Flattery gets you nowhere.❞ Is the given reply but that faint smile doesn’t fade from her face, ❝What were you researching anyway?❞

Each reunion is like a twist of the knife. The joy is ephemeral; it leaves fear in its wake…A fear that all too soon the time will come when you must bid farewell again. Yet you cannot help but long for the next encounter. Humanity’s great frailty…We prefer past happiness to future uncertainty
—LIghtning- FFXIII-2 (via janew)



Nah! Not at all!" The Alchemist hops up to his feet, rocking back on leather soles as a bright simper traces sun-kissed lineaments. "—C’mon, you know I got time for you.

         ❝Hm. Is that so?❞ The woman replies with a quiet chuckle, pushing away from the wall and standing up straight, arms crossed over her chest, ❝Good to know I’m so special.❞



—More bored than anything. Feel free to interrupt me at will.

         ❝Bored, huh? You looked pretty absorbed to me—didn’t even notice me walk in.❞ The woman muses, with a faint hint of a smile, ❝You sure I’m not getting in the way?❞



…Just gonna’ stand there all day, Light?

         ❝You looked busy. Didn’t want to interrupt.❞



—Le casually ignoring people and reading up on research notes—

—Really need to start putting my notes into another category for ‘Other Worlds'… yeesh

         [—leans against the wall beside him in silence—]

Violence does not always take visible form, and not all wounds gush blood.
—Haruki Murakami, 1Q84  (via apathlonglost)

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